Product Description

A wide range of municipality street light poles can be custom manufactured.

Poles ranges form include:

Straight parallel tapered (swaged) poles up to 6.5m lengths.

Parallel tapered (swaged) poles with the following outreaches:

Straight outreaches at any angle up to 4 meter in length and

Curved outreaches with any curve radius up to 4 meters in length.

Robot and traffic signal supporting poles

Technical information: All poles are designed to SABS 0225

Poles can be planted or surface mounted.

S355 grade steel, with a minimum thickness of 3mm is used then hot dipped galvanised to SABS ISO 1461 fit for coastal areas, with bitumen coating for additional protection on planting section.

Cable entry hole, access door, gland plate and earth stud are standard with every pole.