Product Description

XLPE 3-Core Joints are available for 7.2 – 36kV, 1 – core XLPE cables.

The JOINTMASTER – REPL joint has been designed to incorporate clean and easy installation, requiring minimal skills by utilising leading edge dual extrusion thick wall heat shrink technology. The joints are designed to accept latest technology shear bolt type mechanical connectors.

OINTMASTER XLPE cable joints have been independently tested by recognized accredited test authoroties and found to meet and exceed the requirements of CENELEC HD629.1 S2.

12 -36kV 3 CORE XLPE HEAT SHRINK JOINT KITS are available in 3 core XLPE. These kits are also available without or with Ferrules depending on the customers need. Although JOINTMASTER prefer the Mechanical Torque shear type all Joint kits can also accommodate Crimp Ferrules.

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