Product Description

Product Features
➢ Patent design, includes invention patents, utility model patents, design patents.
➢ The unique innovative design moulds itself easily into the surrounding environment.
➢ The curved solar panel reduces dust accumulation and enhances charge efficiency.
The laminated tempered glass mono-crystalline silicone photovoltaic ensures improved performance with rugged high strength durability.
➢ LM80 tested SMD2835 chips provide a high lumen output with reliable consistent performance.
➢ The Polycarbonate lamp diffuser assists in illuminating with a soft low glare elegant light
➢ Digital PIR sensor accurately detects human movement with a detection angle/distance: 120°/≤8mtrs.
➢ The LiFePO4 battery 32700/6.4V/6000mAh, with over-charge and over-discharge
protection, safe and durable offering an estimated 2000 charge cycles
➢ The intelligent charging management system is adopted to optimize the battery usage
and improve safety.
➢ Impact resistant Aluminum lamp casing with IP65 ingress protection.
➢ The structure is simple and novel, battery is easy to replace, lamp pole diamater is 60mm, standard design.
➢ Equipped with indicator light for easy maintenance.
➢ Several different working modes are optional with a remote control, suitable for a variety of applications.
➢ 5 Year Warranty.