Product Description

  • The most cost effective pallet solution!
  • Polyplank plastic pallets are extremely tough!
  • Polyplank plastic pallets are one of the only plastic pallets that are effectively repairable, which is a value added service that Polyplank provides
  • Can be made to client specifications for specialised applications and weight requirements for load ratings of up to 12 tons
  • Can be used in HACCP food processing areas, provided that if there is direct food contact stainless steel screws are used to assemble the pallet and the ends of the components are sealed by Polyplank
  • The surface texture of components allows for increased product grip
  • Polyplank plastic pallets have been tested in conditions down to -40°C, without the brittleness often experienced in other pallets
  • The material used in Polyplank plastic pallets resists bacterial growth
  • The pallets do not absorb liquid and can be high-pressure washed or steam cleaned
  • There are no splinters in the material to damage payloads and cause injuries to handlers
  • Polyplank plastic platforms can be used for static applications
  • Polyplank plastic pallets demonstrates our care for the environment by saving trees and saving landfills from plastic

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